The Bespoke Service

Today more than ever the consumer expects value for money. Quality products that will last and won’t cost the earth. In reality a vast number of products on the market “more often than not imports” fail to meet the expectations of both the retailer and the customer due to the poor manufacture and use of substandard materials.

So why do retailers continue to purchase these unreliable overseas products and continue to risk their reputations with their clientele?

Sadly many of the larger retailers these days import their stock from the far east as it is perceived as being more cost effective. However this can be quite a gamble with high capital outlay, little or no after sales back up and the possibility of non selling stock gathering dust on the shelves. More damaging though I feel, is the potential cost to the reputation of the business with products that are of poor quality and often will be returned as faulty goods.

It also surprises me how few outlets actually have their own design and branded luggage on the shelf therefore missing out on a huge opportunity to capitalize on the extra business that it could bring them. Having spoken to many customers in particular the smaller outlets the main obstacles seem to be the volume in which you are expected to order and the shortage of storage space.

Here at Cotswold Aquarius we recognise these problems and this is why we have created this tailor made service intended to assist not only the larger business but smaller retailers too.
Since the introduction of our bespoke branding service we have many new clients that in the past never thought it possible, however today they have some very successful lines and are benefiting greatly from the extra income it has brought them.

So what can you expect from Cotswold Aquarius?

•    A knowledgeable and well established British manufacturer.
•    Fully trained, helpful staff that will assist from start to finish with your orders and requirements.
•    A production team with years of experience working for some famous names such as the luxury Billinghams brand as well as Bradys to name but a few.
•    A one to one development consultation addressing your needs and requirements from designs and materials to timescales and schedules .
•    The production of a working sample to enable you to see exactly what the finished article will look like.
•    A product that is exclusively yours with your own logo or trade name.
•    A minimum order that works for you
•    Affordable manufacturing costs

Lastly you will have peace of mind that we are only a telephone call away. so why not call us and see what we can do for you today!