Cotswold Aquarius

I own 6 various different items made by Cotswold Aquarius. A 2/3 rod quiver, roaming bag, freezer bag, padded rod and reel protectors, unhooking mat and bits bags. Some of these were bought by myself and some were ‘passed down’ by friends. Most are at least 15 years old and used throughout the year. This includes summer carping trips and a more roaming style of fishing on the rivers during winter. Although I like to look after my kit it gets harsh treatment all year round, especially on the rivers! It is dragged up and down muddy banks and literally thrown around whilst moving swims several times a day. The one thing in common with all 6 pieces of kit after all this abuse, is that they are all as good as new! Signs of wear and tear yes, but in my opinion all good for another

15 years of hard work! The best compliment I can pay Cotswold Aquarius is that quality is 100% nailed on guaranteed! It goes without saying that all their kit is very well designed and up to the job in hand. Every item they make is hand made using high quality materials in the UK. Cotswold Aquarius also offer a bespoke service enabling you to create your own range of unique kit, whether that be for carp, specialist or game fishing, there are even
products for our 4 legged canine friends. Not only that, everything is available in camo or green depending on your taste.