Cotswold Aquarius Pond Creeper Deluxe Carryall

More and more anglers are doing short sessions rather than spending numerous days on the bank in search of their quarry. Couple this with anglers wanting to travel as light as possible to move onto showing fish quickly and efficiently.

Cotswold Aquarius have noticed this trend and come up with a solution to the troubles with the Pond Creeper Deluxe carryall.

The Pond Creeper Deluxe has been designed to house all the items that the angler needs for short sessions or to remain mobile. On first looks it stands out as just another carryall, but that is where the simularities end.

On unzipping the main compartment, you are presented straight away with a mesh pouch. The mesh pouch has been seperated on both sides into smaller compartments. Each side is fitted with a full length zip to keep everything safe and secure. Items such as PVA, hooklink materials, hooks, baiting tools, etc can be housed here so they are to hand when required. The mesh pouch is secured in the top of the main section by a full length strip of velcro which enables it to be removed with ease should it be required. inside the top flap is another pocket that is closed by velcro and can be used to store unhooking tools or other slightly longer items.

Directly underneath the mesh pouch is a well padded lift out tray that has velcro dividers. This is perfect for storing items of tackle or pop-up tubs, dips, etc. The velcro dividers can be adjusted to suit the anglers needs. The lift out tray has a handle located at each end for easy removal, and also has a top flap that is secured by a pair of velcro straps to keep everything in place during transit.

Underneath the lift out tray is a divided main compartment that holds two supplied square bait buckets. Each of the buckets will easily hold several kilos of pellets, mixers or other bait.

Moving onto the exterior of the Pond Creeper Deluxe, you are faced with several pockets that any of the Cotswold Aquarius luggage is well known for. On each end of the carryall, padded pockets have been fitted that have 3/4 length zipped openings. These pockets are large enough to house tubes of PVA mesh or other items. On the rear of the carryall body, a large velcro flapped pocket has been fitted that will house at a squeeze, a large single sided tackle box. With a large Nash BoxLogic box, the flap cannot be closed to cover the top of the pocket. Smaller tackle boxes fit in the pocket perfectly.

The front pocket is the icing on the cake that finishes the Pond Creeper Deluxe off perfectly. Upon opening the zip onthe front pocket, you are presented with two zipped pouches and a belt. The pouches have been designed to house bait for stalking or for even baiting up purposes. Each of the zipped pouches has a heavy duty gusset that alows the pouch to open outwards for easy access to the contents. Each of the pouches will swallow at least 2 kilos of boilies with ease.

As with all of the Cotswold Aquarius luggage, all handles and straps are very well padded and make it light work of carrying when loaded up. The shoulder strap is removable by unclipping the buckle at each end should it not be required.

Final Thoughts

I cannot find any fault other than the rear pocket not being large enough to completely hold my choice of tackle box, but that is not a reason to criticise the product at all. Everything about the Pond Creeper Deluxe carryall screams quality and well thought out design. Every attention to detail has been made, with all pockets having a waterproof flap over the zips to keep rain out. The zips are all of the highest quality with strong pull tabs that you know are not going to fall apart after a couple of sessions. As with all of the Cotswold Aquarius products, the Pond Creeper Deluxe is manufactured completely in the UK. The pricing of the carryall is not the cheapest, but top quality products are not going to be. The RRP on the Pond Creeper Deluxe is £124.99 which includes the plastic bait buckets, bait pouches & belt, lift out tray and the mesh pocket. Couple all the features and extras included, along with the quality of workmanship and materials, the price tag makes perfect sense. Everybody that has had a look at the Pond Creeper Deluxe when I have been on the bank has stated that it is perfect for the job it has been designed to do and that they will be looking at buying one. For all but the longest of sessions, this will be the only bag that I need to take with me.