Cotswold Aquarius Double Burner Transportation Solutions

When planning a long session on the bank especially when you’re planning on travelling overseas you have to be fully prepared. If you leave something behind it could potentially ruin your trip, so having the right luggage for the job and the loading of your luggage is critical. One of the awkward and yet essential items that we need to take with us on these angling adventures is the good old Coleman double burner. They may be big a space consuming but if you are planning on spending 7 to 14 days by a lake, they are a must have piece of kit. To offer the angler a practical solution to the transportation of these big cookers, Midlands based Cotswold Aquarius have designed two perfect bags for the job, the Aquarius Double Burner Bag and the Aquarius DLX Combi-Cook Tackle Bag. So UKCA took both bags bank side to demonstrate there practicalities, here’s how we got on.

Aquarius Double Burner Bag

This is the compact option of the two bags measuring in at approx 18.5” x 6” x 13.75” (470 mm x 152 mm x 350 mm) and serves one simple purpose and that is to carry the Coleman double burner. Featuring all the quality you expect from a piece of Cotswold Aquarius luggage including a robust top entry double zip for ease of access, hard wearing durable outer material in the standard Cotswold green, with a removable padded shoulder strap and padded handle, you have everything you need to make this bag practical to use and very comfortable to carry. As well as offering a perfect transportation option for your double burner, it also offers all round protection to the cooker, having fully padded base and padding on all four sides.

The entire internal compartment is fully lined in an aqua green, waterproof; wipe clean material which makes it easy to keep clean after transporting a dirty cooker home after a long session. Once the Coleman double burner is packed down, it will fit perfectly inside the padded chamber and once zipped up, you can stack it in the back of your van, pack it in the boot of your car or transport it around on your barrow with piece of mind that it is fully protect. As an alternative, you can use it as a short session bag carrying all your terminal bits and bobs. UKCA recommend that you store your terminal tackle in the Aquarius DLX Handy Bags, Micro Stubby bags or Luxury Bit and rigs wallet for compact storage.

Aquarius DLX Combi-Cook Tackle Bag

For the angler who likes to keep his kit organised and in one place, then this is the bag for you. The Aquarius DLX Combi-Cook Tackle Bag features all the standard high quality materials you’d expect to find used in the construction of a piece of Cotswold Aquarius luggage. Incorporating heavy duty zips for ease of access on all pockets, with hard wearing reliable internal and external materials for performance and long life.  You also get solid carry handles and a fixed, fully adjustable shoulder strap, it has it all. The DLX Combi-Cook Tackle Bag has enough storage function to carry all your cooking and eating equipment in on bag, and keep it safely stored when in transit in the many storage options it has both internally and externally.

You have two external storage pockets on the Aquarius DLX Combi-Cook Tackle Bag. The first is a zipped side pocket that has enough room inside to store a small plate set or other essentials. On the front face you have a long slim pocket that has an internal removable pouch that is made from a wipe clean material and is attached via Velcro fastenings. This pocket is ideal for storing small items including jars of coffee, mugs etc. The main internal compartment is split into two halves; you have a fully lined and padded pocket at the rear which is the home for your Colman double burner. The remaining space is ideal for your pots, pans and kettle and for all those small and loose items that we all loose, you have a zipped pocket on the right hand internal wall.

Final Thoughts

Yet again, Cotswold Aquarius have done there homework and designed two storage option that take do there job perfectly. The Coleman double burning is not the simplest of things to move around but these practical pieces of luggage more than take care of job in hand. The Aquarius Double Burner Bag is ideal for the angler who travels light even on long sessions and if your budget is tight this would also be the one for you retailing at £39.99. On the other hand if you take everything including the kitchen sink then the Aquarius DLX Combi-Cook Tackle Bag will more than take care of the job, with extra storage options this is definitely for the serious session angler and will set you back £82.50. Which ever one you finally decide on you can be sure of one thing; your Coleman double burner will be well protected.