Cotswold Aquarius Camo DLX Handy Bags Standard & Large

Compact and organised management of tackle and accessories is now a major requirement of the majority of carp and specialist anglers. Fitting all your essentials into one carry-all makes it possible to move swims quickly if fish start showing in another part of the lake. With many companies now offering ‘cube style’ modular systems that are compact and versatile, find the right system for your own angling can take a lot of time.

One range of storage accessory bags that will offer you the angler a multitude of storage options are the Camo DLX Handy Bags from Midlands based Cotswold Aquarius. Read on as the UKCA team field test and demonstrate the potential uses for these well thought out storage options.


Vital Statistics

This DPM style Camo DLX Handy Bag (pictured above) offer a multitude of storage options to the angler who like s to keep things organised and compact. They measure in at 9’ (229mm) long x 4.25’ (108mm) wide x 2.75’ (70mm) in height and feature five padded internal dividers with Velcro end panels to allow them to be set into the position that best suites your personal requirements. All external panels are padded and lined for added kit protection and for ease of access, you have a robust and very smooth two way zip.


The Camo DLX Handy Bag Large (pictured above) is for the angler who likes to carry plenty of terminal components and accessories whilst out on the bank. It has all the main features of it’s smaller brother, with the five fully padded Velcro dividers and two way entry zip, with additional storage space, measuring in at 9’ (229mm) long x 6.25’ (160mm) wide x 2.75’ (70mm) in height

Field Tested

After having a proper play around in the shed and finally getting the right gear in the right bags. Both theDLX Handy Bag standard and large have now proven to be a very practical way of storing and transporting terminal tackle and small accessories to and from the bank, whilst keeping them organised. The standard size can comfortably store four standard small tackle boxes (Nash Boxlogic or similar style) perfectly with all the dividers removes.


The Camo DLX Handy Bag large is ideally suited for longer sessions, where larger quantities of terminal accessories are required. With all five padded dividers fitted, you can store 4 large spools of rig line, numerous packs of hooks, swivels etc, pretty much anything small and compact can be stored and kept tidy for ease of location, which is critical during the dark hours.


Final Thoughts

The Camo DLX Handy Bags standard and large will fit in the internal and external pockets of the majority of luggage designed for carp and specialist angler on the market but they are best at home when being used with the Cotswold Aquarius range of carry-alls. All fixtures, fittings and stitching are of the highest quality and the UKCA team are 100% sure that any angler who buys on of the DLX Handy bags, will get many years reliable service from them.


After using the Camo DLX Handy Bags standard and large for several months in an angling environment. The UKMA team simply can’t find fault in these British Made DLX Handy Bags, they do the job they’ve been designed for perfectly! You should expect to pay £27.99 for the standard size and £32.99 for the large option. Yes I agree, they’re not the cheapest on the market but what you ae buying is a luggage accessory that is designed to last for years.