Cotswold Aquarius Article By Ian McNeil

Cotswold Aquarius is a name synonymous with quality. As an opening statement, this may read as fairly bold but keep this principle in mind as you read on as it is the key element in their success. In an attempt to produce the finest angling luggage in the business, the team at Cotswold Aquarius present the case for this particular brand with evidence supported by an array of products available for the discerning angler. Although they manufacture items which span the requirements of a large number of field sports, it is the realm of carp fishing luggage that this article seeks to address.

Formed in 1993, this British company created a buzz in the carp fishing world due to sensibly designed luggage and innovative design. These fundamental tenets of the Cotswold label have remained to this day resulting in an extensive range of purposely developed merchandise which has elevated the company to holding a benchmark status in comparison to its competitors. Couple this with the notion that they offer a bespoke service then it is fair to conclude that customer satisfaction is high on their agenda.

Carp anglers are notoriously particular about their luggage choosing specialist equipment with both design and purpose in mind. This is a world where the term compromise is a word rarely employed by serious anglers and only the best will suffice. Some favour individual items from a selection of manufacturers whilst most adopt a matching luggage approach. Fortunately Cotswold Aquarius is a company which facilitates both requirements and with plenty of choice to damage the most lucrative bank balances. Recall any of your previous angling purchases in the form of a holdall or a tackle pouch. Now ask yourself a question- what would I change about this? With Cotswold Aquarius you can. An extra pocket or a compartment zipped instead of velcroed, or even made larger or smaller to contain places for all your essentials. Tailor made luggage fashioned in the UK, borders on a utopian dream for the serious carp angler.

Consider why you buy a product initially and you will find the answer in Cotswold’s range of luggage. For example, the DLX Trident is a rod holding facility which offers both protection and ease of use for three or more made up rods depending on the model. Its strength lies in its simplicity to accommodate and protect valuable equipment utilising strong materials and intelligent design methods. Padding is a standard feature for all the luggage and the comfort built into the shoulder straps has to be experienced to be appreciated. The Trident is available in the standard green or the modern DPM Woodland Camo and is fast becoming a popular feature with carp anglers who highly prize rod protection.

One of the flagship holdalls is the Cotswold Roamer. Here we have a multi-purpose storage device which is laced with features set around both the interior and exterior of the bag. Tackle can be organised to ensure the most used items are accessed with ease. The essence of the layout accounts for PVA tubes, forceps, pouches and boxes and distributing the contents is only limited by our imagination. The DLX Trident and the Roamer holdall are only two examples taken from an extensive pool of purpose made luggage. When you delve into the treasures offered on the website it soon becomes clear that these are the tip of the iceberg.

The range of products extend past any conventional expectations you may have about fishing gear and the dedicated accessories compliment the main items of luggage amicably. You can accommodate many essential items securely in the array of rucksacks and holdalls available. Each has been created with the angler’s needs in mind and the quality which serious anglers demand from their equipment.

Mobile anglers prefer a rucksack and the team at Cotswold have ensured that the basic principles of a back pack are featured in each product. Whether you intend to stay a few hours or a number of days, there is a bag which will fulfil the demands of the task. Popular models are the Mk3 Roamer, the Deceptor DLX and the Specialist Pathfinder with the latter being priced mid-range between the two other models. The Specialist Pathfinder offers holistic tackle storage and dedicates its space towards preventing a need for other luggage to be used that session. Few other bags can rival the dispersion of pockets and pouches present enabling you to sensibly distribute your fishing sundries whilst allowing adequate room for tea making kits, small water bottles, clothing and food. An evening session can be can be captured in one bag. The Specialist Pathfinder brings the term “mobile” to life ensuring modern carp anglers utilise their time towards catching fish armed with the best equipment on the market.

The exciting news for 2015/16 is the arrival of some new products. From water carriers to a unique distance marking stick accessory, the range is expanding due to some innovative practical designs becoming a reality. Other desirables out now are the items in the clothing range which includes hoodies, hats and various tops. These are sure to be popular items with the Cotswold fans out there and serve to promote and extend this ever growing brand in carp fishing circles.

Cotswold Aquarius is available from a range of appointed stockists or you can buy direct from the website. Bespoke items are available and the team are always pleased to discuss your requirements. Find the full range on their website- – You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.