Axel Doberenz

Hello, my name is Axel and I am nearly 50 years old. I have been carp fishing now for over 40 years in Germany. My first carp were caught on Paste, freelining and sweetcorn with floats. In 1986 I was introduced to fishing with boilies and particle as bait. Over the years, there isn’t a day that goes by without thinking about carp fishing, it’s a little piece of my life.

I have met lots of very nice people over my time many of which I am good friends with that I love to fish with and meet them at carp shows etc. Most of my fishing is in Germany near my hometown but also in France, Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia and my plan is to visit Bosnia and Italy.

I fished in France for many years at the River Rhone, Lac Du Der, Foret Orient, Salagou, Les Teilatts, Etang 5 and a few other lakes. On my travels to the European waters I need the best protection for my Tackle. A few years back I found Cotswold Aquarius and I trust this luggage 100%. All my tackle is now organised, baits stay fresh and dry, rods and reels are safe and clothing and sleeping bags are dry and ready for storage for the next session.

For me it is a great pleasure to be a consultant of Cotswold Aquarius now, and I am very happy to work in this team with Jamie and Angela and everyone else from Cotswold Aquarius.