DLX Pond Creeper

One of carp fishing’s most heritage-rich companies, Cotswold Aquarius has the most perfect carryall for you all, whether you’re a session angler or on an overnighter

A British banger

Behold, Cotswold Aquarius is right back at the top of the luggage tree. A statement that’s exciting enough, but gets even more thrilling when you discover that the UK manufacturer (one of a teeny weenie handful left in carp fishing) is now producing a luggage line in a DPM camo pattern (named: Woodland Camouflage Range). And it gets even better: their new Camo Deluxe Pond Creeper isn’t just a fine example of the British craftsmanship, but it’s one of the most thought-out and detailed carryalls we’ve ever laid eyes on.


Inside the front pocket you’ll find two hinged, fold-down hoppers with adjustable waist belt


All zips feature double zip pullers and waterproof covers

Although it’s lightweight and compact, the Pond Creeper is one of the most versatile carryalls going, boasting many unique features which makes it ideal for both the short and long stay angler alike.

On the exterior you’ll find a large insulated front pocket housing two hinged, fold-down hoppers with adjustable waist belt; two padded and lined end pockets; and zipped back pocket which is ideal for housing large tackle boxes.

Then you come to the main body which, as with all the zipped pockets, features double zip pulls and waterproof covers. Once you unzip the top you’ll find a double-sided meshed pocket which features five internal pockets and below this sits a fully customisable removable tray, perfect for storing hookbait, PVA products, baiting tools and all those other items you need to hand on a regular basis. Sitting below this tray are two buckets (205 x 190mm) which you can use to house your bait (PVA bag mixes), any wet items (sack, sling, towel etc.), food or items which cannot get damp or wet, for example cameras, iPad Mini’s etc.


Inside the top pocket you’ll find both a large Velcro pocket and multiple mesh pockets


Next comes the fully customisable removable tray, perfect for all your essentials

Thanks to a waterproof, wipe-clean base, you can be assured no damp/water will get to your kit, whilst the large, padded carry handle and detachable padded shoulder strap means it’s actually a pleasure to carry.

And whilst you may think £149.99 is a hefty sum for a carryall, remember this isn’t just one of the best looking and most uniquely designed carryalls CARPology.net has ever reviewed, but each one is made with the finest Cotswold hands, bespokely done with love and care running through each lifetime stitch.

“GIMME”: £149.99


And finally, below this are two medium-sized buckets, ideal for bait, food or wet items