Cotswold Aquarius Vulpine Sling

Many of the UKCA team like to use a quiver when fishing rivers or canals where a move is always on the cards, and we need our rods to be safe and easy to access. If you are like minded then the new Woodland Camo Vulpine Sling from Midlands based Cotswold Aquarius is ideal for a couple of rods, and everything else you are likely to need for a day wandering the banks.


Constructed of extremely hard wearing fabric, coloured in Cotswold Aquarius very own Woodlands Camo, the latest addition to the Cotswold Aquarius range boasts the usual two rod butt pockets and a full width Velcro fastening to keep rods safe in transit, a full length internal space suitable for landing net poles or a brolly, a front pouch which will easily accommodate a rolled up landing net, long bank sticks or other sundries, and another smaller pocket to enclose short bank sticks.


There are some nice features on this quiver; The smallest pocket has a Velcro fastening over the top of the short zip to ensure that smaller items remain safe inside, and the longer pouch has a drawstring which means it can be pulled tight against anything within to prevent slippage or loss. The full length internal storage is protected by a study fold-over flap, also secured with Velcro which doesn’t slip off to one side or allow poles etc to poke through. The pockets which support the rod butts are certainly deep enough to fully support the rods without risk of them bouncing out in transit.


A shoulder strap and single carrying handle make it easy to sling over a shoulder, or carry in one hand. The handle is sited to provide almost perfect balance when the quiver is fully laden, with no danger of striking a rod tip against the ground, and it sits comfortably when carried over muddy fields or rough ground. Fastenings which attach the strap are robust, but easy to release if required. The quiver is machine stitched, and all likely points of wear are reinforced to prevent damage.


We also used the Cotswold Reel Pouches to safeguard our reels; these are huge and will easily engulf a big pit reel or similar, and as you would expect from Cotswold Aquarius, they are fully padded, with a substantial fold-over flap which can be used on the rod and then secured with a full length Velcro fastening. Also constructed of Woodland Camo (DPM patterned material), these compliment perfectly the Vulpine Sling to provide all round protection and ease of use on the move. Quality assured by Cotswold Aquarius!

Foot Note – The new Cotswold Aquarius Vulpine Sling is available from all Cotswold stockists for the very reasonable price of £54.99 in the standard green and £59.99 for the Woodland Camo as featured above.