Cotswold Aquarius The Deceptor DLX

When it comes to all round design, performance and build quality there are very few companies whose luggage compares ranges come close to that of Cotswold Aquarius.

With a well established history for making top quality luggage items already well and truly established, they would have to go some to produce a product that would upstage any of there already established products but believe it or not they have. The UKMA office received a call a few weeks back from company MD Jamie Kemp and he asked if we would be interested in reviewing their new for 2012 Carryall/Back Pack that has been named the DECEPTOR DLX. So the team at UKMA obviously jumped at the chance and when it arrived in the office there was a fight over who was going to review it but we decided that we would all have a play and here’s what this top end Carryall/Back pack has to offer the serious session angler.

Vital Statistics

The DECEPTOR DLX is a total re-think of the standard carryall that utilises every inch of the internal and external capacity and created approximately 60Ltrs of storage space from a very compact unit. It has been manufactured utilising the Cotswold Aquarius trade mark hard wearing and waterproof green material that is standard in the build of all Cotswold Aquarius Carryalls and back backs. All seams have webbed overwrap and are stitched using only the finest threads to give optimum strength and life expectancy to all stitching. All of the pockets and compartments feature heavy duty zips with the majority having a two way zip entrance for convenience and ease of accessibility with full padding wear required to eliminate any chance of damage to your precious kit whilst it is in transit.


Because of the DECEPTOR DLX compact size, it is very easy to transport around. This has been made even easier by the inclusion of three well designed and functional carriage options. The first option is the conventional ‘carry handle’ this is centrally situated on the top face and incorporates a flexible moulded grip for comfort. The second option is the fully adjustable shoulder strap that incorporates a 430mm long padded support for ultimate comfort when in transit. The strap is attached to the DECEPTOR via two heavy duty plastic clip lock connectors that make it very easy to remove if not required. NOTE The UKMA team found by adjusting the length of the shoulder strap, both the shoulder strap and carry handle can be used in conjunction with each other to spread the load when moving through tight areas.