Cotswold Aquarius Splash Mat/Bag

Autumn is when Mother Nature without question displays here true colours and looks her very best but she also likes to have a good wash as well. You can be pretty sure that from the middle of October onwards, if you spend 48 hours on the bank rain is near as dam it going to pay you a visit. With all the vegetation and undergrowth slowly disappearing for another year, this leaves the majority of swims looking like the goal mouths of your local football pitch. So unless you’re a member of a syndicate that has landscaped pegs, with bark mulch or gravelled areas to fish from. Then like me, the majority of you are left to fish on areas that offer us the joy of putting our precious rods and reels out over natural terrain that offers nothing but mud, that always seem to have puddles of water for us to fish from. Which in turn means that if we get heavy rain whilst out on the bank, our valuable rods, reels and reel lines can get caked in muddy sludge that can potentially cause damage to your tackle.

Cotswold Aquarius has come up with the perfect solution to this most annoying of problem, the Aquarius Splash Mat/Bag. This hard wearing wipe clean splash matt is manufactured from a super soft vinyl material that is 100% waterproof and very easy to wash down after each session. To keep it pinned down on the deck you have a triangular plastic pegging point on each corner of the splash mat and once pegged out it will go no where even in the worst weather conditions. The Aquarius Splash Mat measures 36” x 24” (913mm x 610mm) and the team at UKMA have found it perfect when using single bank sticks no matter how uneven the ground. We have also used the Aquarius Splash Mat with the Solar World Wide Stainless & Carbon Pod, NBrice Carbon pod and Matrix Stainless Patriot pods and these pods when adjusted can be located over the Aquarius Splash Mat to ensure perfect splash and debris protection to your rods, reels, reel lines alarms and indicators.

Final Thoughts

If keeping mother natures worst off of your equipment is an important element of your angling and tackle requirements, then the Aquarius Splash Mat is a must have piece of equipment. It will eliminate small pieces of mud, grit and sand from getting trapped in your alarms, indicators, protect your reel line and it will also keep your reels and rods free of unwanted grit which can cause expensive damage. As a bonus the Aquarius Splash Mat comes supplied with a Velcro Carry bag that makes transportation even when wet a no nonsense affair. The Cotswold Aquarius Splash Mat Bag carries an RRP of £24.99 and after using one for several months my only gripe is that there are no pegs supplied with it but apart from that it is very well made and does the job it is designed to do perfectly.