Cotswold Aquarius Slimline Case

When looking at scaling your gear down for ease of transportation, space-saving in your vehicle and most importantly taking up as little space as possible in the bivvy. Finding a suitable piece of luggage can be a very difficult with many having the storage space but taking up too much space in your bivvy. So what you as an angler require is a low profile suitcase style storage system that offers a compact storage solution, that fits under your bedchair whilst protection your gear from the elements and makes the transportation a very easy task, introducing the excellent Aquarius Slimline Case from the UK’s number one luggage manufacturer Cotswold Aquarius.


Width 762mm (30 inch)
Height 432mm (17 inch)
Depth 178mm (7 inch)
Weight (Empty) 1.33kg (2.5lbs)

Key Features

The Aquarius Slimline Case is manufactured from the standard high quality and hard wearing green material that is used in the manufacture of all of the Cotswold Aquarius luggage range. To offer greater protection to your gear, the Aquarius Slimline Case incorporates full padding on all sides and faces ensuring everything is well protected, especially when your gears on the move. On the inside of the Aquarius Slimline Case you have a wipe clean, green, moisture resistant lining on all surfaces which helps to keep the contents dry. To enter the Aquarius Slimline case you have a smooth running zip that sits on three sides to allow easy access to you equipment inside.


Like conventional carryalls and rucksacks, the Slimline Case has the internal storage these bulkier conventional storage systems offer whilst taking up a minimum of space because of its low profile but it still carries a huge amount of gear when required. You can easily transport this useful piece of luggage between the legs of your bedchair on your barrow. If you don’t regularly use a borrow, Cotswold Aquarius have fitted an adjustable, fully padded shoulder strap and two carry handles with a padded hand grip to practically aid your comfort whilst the Aquarius Slimline Case is being transported.


The Cotswold Aquarius Slimline Case comfortably slide underneath the latest Nash Indulgence, Carp Porter Sleepeeze and all JRC bedchairs comfortably fitting between the central leg frames with room to spare.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make the transporting of your tackle for short sessions more compact or after a way of keeping spare clothing for continental or long session clean and dry without taking up too much space in your bivvy, then this is definitely worth a consideration. As with all Cotswold Aquarius products this is exceptionally well made and serves its designed purpose perfectly. For the very reasonable price of £74.99 you get a multi function piece of luggage that will last for years, who can ask for more.

Width 762mm (30 inch) Height 432mm (17 inch) Depth 178mm (7 inch) Weight (Empty) 1.33kg (2.5lbs)