Cotswold Aquarius Roamer Chair

Roving or angling on the move is still as popular today amongst certain fraternities of the specialist angling community as it has always been. The pleasure of roaming along a waters edge stalking your prey is about as exciting as angling experiences get. This style of angling requires you to be constantly mobile so the minimum amount of equipment carried the better. One of the many luggage products we have had the privilege to review over the past few months from Midlands based Cotswold Aquarius that is specifically designed for and ideal for this style of angling is the Roamer Chair. The UKMA team took it out on the bank and had a play to see how it would perform in its natural environment.

Vital Statistics

The Roamer Chair integrates clever storage with a lightweight folding seat that can be used on all terrains. It has been manufactured utilising a robust washable and hard wearing rubberised material on all internal seating and external contact faces, with the back and zipped storage are being made from Cotswolds tried and tested hard wearing green waterproof material. The purposely designed storage area is attached to the seats back and measures in at 340mm long x 290mm wide x 100mm and features a zip that runs ¾ of the way around for ease of access. This will comfortably hold three of the Aquarius Deluxe Handy Bag / Pocket Insert. With the seating area Velcro fastened closed, this creates another area for storing your scales towels and other slightly larger essentials.

The Roamer Chairs gives even a slightly larger gent like my self more than enough room to park my rear end. The padded ground seat measures in at 430mm x 430mm and featuring a thick hard wearing base panel that has rigid support bars on both sides for strength and shape. The back support is kept upright by two fully adjustable straps that make it possible to precisely adjust your seating position from upright to near prone for situations when stealth and concealment are necessary. When the Velcro straps are fastened either side of the chair and everything is packed into there designated storage space, the Roamer Chair couldn’t be easier to transport around. You have a fully adjustable and removable shoulder strap with a 450mm long fully padded shoulder strap to distribute any weight you are carrying or alternatively you can use the two carrying handles that permanently attached.

Final Thoughts

The Roamer Chair from Cotswold Aquarius is one of those handy luggage accessories that once you’ve used it a few times you won’t leave home without it. The team have now used it for everything from roving for perch, chub and barbell on rivers and drains, to fishing over-nighters for carp, bream & tench on our local lakes and it has carried all the basics required for these sessions with ease. But most importantly this handy piece of luggage has been designed primarily as a light weight roving chair and this task is where it excels, being incredibly lightweight, very comfortable and as a ‘Brucie’ bonus it is also very easy to keep clean as you can wipe it down after each session in no time at all. The Roamer Chair is a very well designed and manufactured luggage accessory that will suit any angler who likes to travel as light as possible. For the very reasonable price of £84.99 you get yourself a roving chair and luggage all in one that will serve you well for many years.