Cotswold Aquarius Padded Tri-pouch First Look

COTSWOLD AQUARIUS have for some time been the leader of the pack when it comes to top quality carp and specialist angling products. The Midlands based manufactures pride themselves on being one of the only companies who design and manufacture all of their products in the United Kingdom. 2013 see the very popular brand launch the very popular WOODLAND CAMO range, which is basically all the existing products in the range being manufactured from a camouflaged patterned material that is very similar to standard DPM camo used by the British Military. With the demand for this new range they’ve release a selection of new products to offer the numerous followers of this cult brands wears, read on as the UKMA team take a first look at the new for 2014 PADDED TRI-POUCH.

Vital Statistics

As the name suggests, the PADDED TRI-POUCH is a fully padded, three compartment storage pouch that is ideal for storing valuables or small items that you need to keep handy at all times. It measures in at 210mm wide x 110mm high x 40mm deep when empty. To enter the PADDED TRI-POUCH you have a durable green zip that runs along the top and its opens very smooth. Once inside you reveal the three storage compartments, the two outer pouches are fully padded on the internal and external walls, to totally protect items like alarms, receivers etc, when in transit. The inner third compartment is protected by the two inner padded walls of the outer pouches and features a zip opening to offer instant access to essential items stored inside.

First Impressions

This compact storage pouch has multiple uses and the UKMA team are 100% sure that all carp, specialist and predator anglers will definitely find many uses for it. The PADDED TRI-POUCH has been manufactured using only the finest materials and produced to the usual very high standards that you, the anglers, and the UKMA team have come to expect from the COTSWOLD AQUARIUS luggage range. They’re now available direct from the COTSWOLD AQUARIUS website direct or from the numerous on-line stores who sell the range from¬†¬£29.99 each. We’ll be out on the bank over the coming months to see how well this clever storage pouch will pass the test of time, so until then watch this space for the UKMA on the bank test.