Cotswold Aquarius DLX Padded Reel Protector Woodland Camo

With many carp and specialist anglers preferring to transport there rods around in lightweight quiver, rather than fully enclosed rod holdalls that totally protect your valuable reels, the issue of protecting your line and reels from potential damage whilst in transit has to be dealt with. Obviously the humble reel cover is the number one solution but as the UKMA team have discovered, many of these leave a lot to be desired. So if you are in the market for a fully padded reel cover that totally encapsulates your reel offering exceptional protection to your reels, then the UKMA team think we have found arguably the best option currently available on the market, introducing the DLX PADDED REEL PROTECTOR from Midlands based COTSWOLD AQUARIUS.

Vital Statistics

These well made and well thought out padded reel protectors are manufactured from a 100% waterproof material, that features the new woodland camo finish. The Woodland camouflage pattern is very similar in appearance to the DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) used by the British armed forces and chosen based on the popularity of it amongst cap and specialist anglers in the UK. Each reel protector features full length Velcro fastening along the top edge, that once fitted over your reel, this enables the protector to attach itself to your rod securely ensuring that it stays in place whilst in transit. All three of the walls are fully padded and on the internal you have a sage green vinyl lining that is wipe clean and totally non abrasive, so you have peace of mind that your reels will never get scuffed or scratched.

Obviously there are numerous sizes of reels used by specialist and specimen anglers that need protecting and to cover your individual requirements the COTSWOLD AQUARIUS DLX PADDED REEL PROTECTOR are available in two sizes. The standard size measures in at 330mm wide x 210mm high x 110mm deep at its widest point and is ideally suited to all 5000 to 10000 sized free run reels and all mini big pit reels up to 5500 size. The second size option is known as the Big Pit size, this option measures in at 430mm wide x 240mm high x 115deep at its widest point and will comfortably protect all big pit reels up to 14000 size comfortably. To finish these superbly manufactured reel protectors off, you have the COTSWOLD AQUARIUS logo with a Union Jack directly underneath with the word ‘Made in England’ which a rarity these days.

Final Thoughts

No matter what brand of  quiver you use, the COTSWOLD AQUARIUS DLX PADDED REEL PROTECTOR will totally protect your reel when you are on the move. They are manufactured in the UK and every component and feature has been selected by the COTSWOLD design teams to ensure that they last you the angler for many years. The Standard size in Woodland camo sells for £14.99 and the Big Pit size £15.99, which is a very small price to pay to ensure that your reels are totally protect at all time. The UKMA team have just brought 7 of these, simply because they are the best padded reel protectors that we have seen and used.

Foot Note –  The COTSWOLD AQUARIUS DLX PADDED REEL PROTECTOR are also available in Olive Green and the Standard size costs £13.99 and the Big Pit size sells for £14.99