Cotswold Aquarius Camo Vulpine Sack

With the current trend of anglers moving on from carrying half a house with them for an over-nighter, to reducing their equipment down to minimal basics so they can up and move more efficiently if required. There are now numerous products being produced to cater to their needs. Luggage in particular has seen numerous developments in storage and equipment transportation options, specifically designed for the ‘roving angler’. Taking note of this demand, Midlands based Cotswold Aquarius have released the Camo Vulpine Sack for 2015, read on as the UKCA team take a comprehensive look at this compact backpack.

Vital Statistics

Main Compartment

The Camo Vulpine Sack has been designed primarily for the angler who likes to carry the bare essentials and likes to be mobile at all times on the bank. Although compact, measuring in at 14” wide x 9.5“deep x 11” in height (356mm x 242mm x 278mm) excluding the external pockets, you can comfortably store enough gear for a three day session with room to spare.


The main internal compartment offer ample room for all your terminal tackle pouches, a large tackle box, alarms, a small cooker, gas canister etc. To store any small items you have a Velcro flapped back pocket for documents loose terminal tackle packets. The Mesh zipped top flap pocket is also ideal for all slim or flat items that need to be at hand and finally you have a Zipped side security pocket for your valuables like car keys, wallet and your phone (I-Phone 6+ fits perfectly).

Exterior Pockets


You have four main external pouches to store all the bits and bob’s you need to keep handy at all times. You have a Full length padded side pocket that will comfortably store your scales inside a padded pouch for added protection. The
Two other padded side pockets are ideal for storing bait crushers, large tubs of pop ups and perfectly house the padded Micro Stubby Bags, also available in the Cotswold Aquarius range.


On the front panel of the Camo vulpine Sack you have a large padded fully zipped front pocket. This features internally a mesh pocket with ample room for accessory boxes, PVA refill spools etc. You have five narrow slot pockets that will securely house bank sticks and pod legs up to 6 inches in length. and to the right of these, you have a large slot pocket that will take a large tube of PVA. Also on the top external panel, you have two adjustable top straps that make it possible to attach a small unhooking mat or your jacket to the sack.

Transporting the Camo Vulpine Sack

Every attention to detail has gone into the transportation of this compact sack (Backpack) to make it as easy and versatile as possible. On the back face of the Camo Vulpine Sack you have a well padded back panel for comfort when being carried on you back, with the fully adjustable Cotswold harness system. to keep it totally secure whilst on your back, you also have a fully adjustable chest strap to secure it in place. For those of you who prefer to carry the sack in your hands you also have a strong, webbed carry handle mounted at the top of the rear panel.


Final Thoughts

The UKCA team have been using the Cotswold Aquarius Camo Vulpine Sack for over 5 months now for all of our carp and specialist sessions and it has performed perfectly. All stitching, zips and attachments are robust and reliable. the excellent harness system is very comfortable and secure when fitted. The final feature that really finishes the Sack off is the reinforced wipe clean base, which makes it possible to put it down o the muddiest of banks, with the knowledge that all yo uhave to do is give it a wipe before loading it back into the car.

Foot Note – for £149.99, you get a top quality sack, that will last you for years, that is made in the en vougue DPM Camo material and you are buying one of the best compact rucksacks currently available to the carp and specialist angler. The added bonus is, as with all Cotswold Aquarius luggage it is manufactured in the UK, what more can you ask for your money!