Cotswold Aquarius Camo Micro Stubby Bag

Over the past six years, the team at UKCA have had the privilege to long term test numerous products from the Cotswold Aquarius range and all have passed with flying colours. One area of the range that may pass many of you bye, is the Midlands based companies numerous accessory pouches and bags. Each of these accessory products has been specifically designed to fit perfectly in the internal and external pockets and pouches of the carry-alls in the range. Read on as we talk you though the potential uses of the Camo Micro Stubby Bag.

Vital Statistics

The compact and versatile bags feature a two way zip for easy access. All external walls are fully padded to fully protect you tackle items once inside. The internal walls are all fully lines, so if you have a spillage, they’re very easy to keep clean. These are ideally suited for storing items like pop ups (two large Mainline pots will comfortably fit inside), alarms and receiver, leads, head lamps and spools will fit perfectly inside these 152mm wide x 76 mm deep x 102mm in height.

Final Thoughts

The potential storage options that the Camo Micro Stubby Bag can offer is endless. Even when fully loaded with leads, these exceptionally well made bags performance over time is not affected, they simply do the job they’ve been designed for with no fuss or signs of wear and tare at all. For £16.99 you get a compact storage bag, that will last you for years and as they’re made from a DPM camo material, they also look the part as well.