Cotswold Aquarius Alarm Covers

With there being alarms of all shapes and sizes now available to the modern session angler. Finding a cover to protect them whilst they are in transit can be a very awkward job. But fortunately Midlands based luggage manufacturers COTSWOLD AQUARIUS have got it covered, literally! They now offer the angler who likes to take care of there alarms three different options of variable sizes to full cover and protect your alarms whilst they are in transit. All three options are manufactured from a 4oz nylon material that then goes through a laminating process to improve waterproofing and padding taking the material up to 8mm thick, which give more than adequate protection to your alarms.

As pictured above the largest sized cover are ideally suited to all Delkim alarms, Nash Sirens and original Fox alarms when mounted on a buzz bar with snag ears in place. The medium sized cover can fit all the aforementioned alarms with out snag ears plus all the new JRC and Prologic alarms comfortably. Both of these options are manufactured in a green material and feature the Cotswold Aquarius logo and the standard Union Jack to clearly illustrate that they have been made in the United Kingdom. These two size are a simple slip over cover that fit snugly ensuring they stay on in transit whilst in your carryall, ensuring no damage comes to the dials and switches when not in use, plus they look bang tidy when fitted.

The third member of the group is specifically for all smaller alarm systems that are currently available including Steve Neville alarms, either in there original format or with ATT NV panels fitted which have longer stabilising ears, plus all ATTS alarms and the Gardner TLB Buzzer Head Alarms perfectly. These smaller options are manufactured in the same material as the two larger options but use the same material but in a black material which does look the dog’s danglies when fitted onto your alarms and mounted on your buzz bars. This size also features a tensioning toggle and cord system which enables you to securely fasten the cover to the alarms for added piece of mind.

Final Thoughts

Various members of the UKMA have tried and tested all three sizes and they offer total protection to your alarms at all time. As all three options are totally waterproof you can leave a cover on if you are only using two rods even in the worst of conditions to ensure your alarms stay in pristine condition ready for your next trip. The Large option for use with all larger alarms with snag ears in place carries an RRP from £8.50 each and the smaller options sell from £7.50 each which these dasy is exceptional value for money from a British born and bred product, with the added bonus of knowing that your all important alarms are totally protected at all time, you can’t ask for much more than that!!