Carp Roll Up Cradle Mat

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    The Roll Up Cradle Mats are available in three different formats:-

    • Specialist Roll Up Cradle Mat
    • Pike Roll Up Cradle Mat
    • Carp Roll Up Cradle Mat

    The mats can be used flat but also have the ability to be transformed into a cradle style with drawstring foam walls held securely in place with cord locks. Webbing handles either side allow the fish to be safely lifted and carried. There are three pegging points allowing security in windy conditions. The mat itself rolls up making it very compact an easy to transport. There is a webb carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap constructed from our hardwearing material on the outer and soft fish friendly wipe clean material on the inner. Sandwiched between this is a thick layer of soft foam. All in all a very robust, practical and safe system available in our Olive or Woodland Camouflage material.

    This mat is designed for the carp angler. Used flat provides an extra large mat and converted into a cradle mat gives that extra bit of safety provided by the walls. An ideal partner for our Aquarius Floatation Sling or XL Euro Floatation Sling.

    Flat Dimensions: 56″ (1420mm)  38″ (965mm)

    Cradle Dimensions: 44″ (1120mm) x 26″ (660mm) x 6″ (150mm)

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