Rob Marsh

Rob Marsh has been carp fishing for just over 40 years know and has seen the carp fishing change over the years! Rob has been successful on the big carp scene for many years know with

big carp from all over the world as well as from the UK as well as being part of the very successful mainline team in the completion carping for many years with his angling partner

Lee Merritt. Rob is not a full-time angler and runs the family business and has a wife and 2 kids and juggles all 3 together but still manages to catch some stunning carp during the course of the year. Rob says

When I was asked to join Cotswolds Aquarius team it was great honour as the brand has been renowned in the trade at supplying top quality fishing luggage made in the U.K. And built to

last more than just one season! I am lucky to be involved as a consultant for some of the best companies in the carp trade and adding the Cotswolds vast range of dedicated carp luggage was the final link using top quality products designed by anglers for anglers!