Mattijs Gerrietsen

I caught my first carp on the age of twelve. At that time, I did not realize that due to that carp a passion was born. I caught my first carp with a float. Now many years later my fishing has completely changed. In the meanwhile, I fished in several countries such as Germany, UK, France, Belgium and Holland. Fishing is my relaxion and escape from the daily grind. Nature, peace and my surroundings are central in my passion for fishing. Most of my sessions I’m fishing alone as I want to be free and 100% flexible I am absolutely not a target hunter, but as everybody I do love big lumps. My fishing is quite widespread everywhere the carps are, I will be. Public waters are my favourites. My newest challenge is carp fishing from the boat on the rivers and large public waters. A totally new fishing experience, enriching my passion for carp. One of my challenges is catching a carp from one of the largest lakes in Europe.

When I was asked to become a Cotswold Aquarius consultant I was really honoured. Cotswold Aquarius has top quality luggage and the products are all made within the UK. I especially love the Woodland Camouflage Range. The products are often copied but never equalled.