John Costello

My first fish, a small perch, was caught from a small stream in Warwickshire.  Since those far off days I have been totally in love with fishing.  For the last forty-five years I have lived in the Severn vale in Gloucestershire where as an angler it is impossible to avoid the lure of the river Severn. But although running waters are my first love my attention is drawn in so many different directions as different challenges and mysteries present themselves.  Fishing has taken me to some amazing places throughout Britain and Ireland that I would never have otherwise visited.  There is always somewhere new to fish, some new technique to master or another type of fish that I fear I am stuck forever in a world of rivers, streams, lakes, pits, drains, loughs and lochs.

Whilst I am irresistibly drawn by the endless variety of fishing I do realise that It does mean that those who specialise develop a deeper understanding than I will ever achieve.  But that is the brilliant thing about fishing, you can set your own limits and what works for myself may not work for others.  I have long learnt to fish for myself and to put as much into it as I want to.  When I stop enjoying it I pack up and go home. However it does seem that whether in a boat on a windswept lough, or on a muddy riverbank in the dark in the pouring rain, I rarely stop enjoying it.

But I do have favourites and big waters in general and big rivers in particular continue to inspire my imagination. As for the fish I pursue barbel, pike and tench have remained long time favourites.  But in more recent years I have discovered how fascinating zander are as well. And so the journey continues………

Personal bests include pike to 41lb 12oz, zander to 20lb 10oz, barbel to 15lb 7oz, tench to 8lb 11oz (could do better!!), roach to 2lb 8oz and river carp to 21lb 14oz.