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Cotswold Aquarius

Luxury Rig n Bits Wallet RRP: £42.50

A purpose designed padded pouch to store made up braid, nylon and stiff hook links, plus all associated materials required for rig making.

  • Stiff plastazote foam board for nylon/stiff links.
  • Supplied with push pins, to secure swivels.
  • Padded and lined diving flap to protect rigs.
  • One internal Velcro pocket on reverse of flap, suitable for rig winders.
  • Rig winders and resalable bags supplied for easy identification.
  • Two deep internal Velcro pockets for rig materials, hooks etc.
  • Internal elastics to hold scissors or similar items.

Spare rig boards and rig packs of pins, winders and bags are available separately.

17” x 3” x 10” (432mm x76mm x254mm)